US/UK University Interview Preparation and Consulting

The opportunity to study abroad is something many parents and students dream of. The interview/audition process can be stressful and one should prepare for this exchange as seriously as they would an exam or application essay.

For those students who come from a culture that is outside of the US or UK, it is crucial for them to understand how body language, vocal tone, and word choice can be perceived by someone from another country and how this can impact the success of their university application.

Things like eye contact and smiling can have different connotations or interpretations. We provide consultation and coaching for students who plan to interview for abroad universities which includes practice interview sessions and feedback.

For students who are auditioning for UK/US drama schools, we also offer specialized sessions that additionally focus on acting, voice, and movement work. Most importantly, these sessions will focus on vocal clarity in English while maintaining a connection with the text in an empowering, meaningful way.

Amy’s knowledge of the university application process for both the US and the UK comes from successful personal experiences and a genuine dedication to higher education.  She is qualified for assistance on the entire college admissions process from college essays to interview preparation. She knows how to teach creative thinking, and to help students develop and implement ideas that will definitely strengthen their profiles, increasing their likelihood of acceptance."

~Jean Dobie Giebel
Professor and former Chairperson
Department of Drama and Dance
Hofstra University

"Amy brings an insider's understanding of the admissions process, professional training in voice and dramatic arts, and an overall record of academic excellence at Hofstra University and the University of London.  She's dedicated to her clients and knows how to bring out the best in them.  I'd recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation."

~Dr. Warren Frisina
Dean, Hofstra University Honors College